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No Fav Band


Im watching Suite Life on Deck, after a long time and i miss it

I need to stand up and charge my iPod but i don’t want to stand up

I really meed to get a job but then im to lazy and to young

I need to know what time 5sos are going to be at the forum this saturday! I GOTS TO KNOW!

How have you guys been doing on this eventful day? {#4yearsof1d #onedirection}

I did nothing today. But i wore my 1D shirt that i cut up. {#4yearsof1D #onedirection}

Im wearing my 1D shirt ๐Ÿ’•
{#4yearsof1d #onedirection}

Ugh haters glad we gonna prove them wrong
{#4yearsof1d #onedirection}

Its been officially a year ๐Ÿ’• oh how these boys have changed my life is something i couldn’t ever repay them for
{#4yearsof1d #onedirection}